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This section allows you to start your visa application file, by filling-in the necessary information required, online. The system automatically generates a unique identifier for your visa application file. This number will be sent to the email address provided below.

In order to access the visa application file you create, at any given time, you have to provide a password. This password, along with the unique identifier generated by the system for your visa application file, will allow you to check your online visa application at a later date.Please note that online visa applications that are not finalized (i.e. that are not sent to a diplomatic mission/consular post) will only be available for a maximum period of 30 days from the date of first registration. After this period, incomplete visa application files will be automatically deleted in view of an appropriate protection of personal data.

NOTA BENE: The password that you have to provide below should be unrelated to and completely different from your eMail password.
The eVisa portal https://eviza.mae.ro/ will be UNAVAILABLE during 1-30 March 2024 for the submission of short-stay visa applications. For emergency travel planned in the coming period, please contact directly the Romanian diplomatic missions/consular offices (https://www.mae.ro/romanian-missions)

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